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Commercial Trash Cans at

Wholesale Prices

Hundreds of Models and Styles In Stock and Ready to Ship!

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Commercial Trash Cans at

Wholesale Prices

Hundreds of Models and Styles In Stock and Ready to Ship!

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About Us is a division of The Tamis Corporation. We have provided commercial trash cans, waste bins and recycling receptacles to hotels, restaurants, sports and entertainment venues, municipalities, casinos, and offices for more than two decade.

Who We Are

We are the leading authority in commercial waste management solutions. With a rich history of excellence and a commitment to environmental sustainability as well as customer service, we’ve proudly supplied businesses, institutions, and organizations with top-quality t-cans, waste bins, and recycling cans for over 20 years.

Our Mission

We aim to revolutionize waste management practices by providing businesses and organizations with the most advanced, eco-friendly, and efficient commercial trash receptacles , waste bins, and recycling containers. Our unwavering commitment is to empower our clients to create cleaner, healthier environments while minimizing their ecological footprint.

Our Vision

Our vision extends far beyond the present, as we envision a world where waste management is synonymous with environmental stewardship. Our dream is to be at the forefront of a global movement, where every commercial space embraces responsible waste practices through our cutting-edge waste and recycling bins.

Indoor Waste & Recycling

Indoor Waste Receptables and Recycling Bins to Fit Any Decor

Indoor Trash Cans And Recycling Bins

Outdoor Waste & Recycling

Rugged and Durable Waste Receptacles and Recycling Bins for Outdoor Use

Outdoor Waste Receptacles And Recycling Bins

Huge Selection of Indoor And Outdoor Trash Cans And Recycling Bins

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